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    • New equipment arrives

      New equipment arrives

      In order to meet the production capacity and the needs of our customers, our factory has added a batch of automation equipment, which is efficient, accurate, and meets the requirements of high quality and high standards.
    • Congratulations to our products entering Watsons

      Congratulations to our products entering Watsons

      Congratulations to the products we made for our customers to enter WatsonsAfter the team’s cooperation and hard work, the product has finally been praised by consumers, hoping that the product will sell well.
    • China Shanghai Exhibition

      China Shanghai Exhibition

      We are exhibiting in Shanghai, China. The purpose of this exhibition will be high-end, high-quality, and quality. The exhibition covers five areas of professional beauty, daily chemicals, cosmetic plastic surgery, and professional nails,...
    • Opened a new showcase

      Opened a new showcase

      More and more showcases are opened in China. Our company is developing rapidly in China. The quality and type of products are liked by the people. We will give back to you with better products and services!
    • win-win


      We signed a cooperation agreement with the best-selling makeup company in the U.S.What customers value is our quality and service, and both parties have reached a satisfactory consensus
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